Client: Personal I designed 3 original Christmas cards for the holiday season. Buy some now (…Do it!) at my Etsy Store.

Christmas Cards

Client: Personal Karensa and Josh gave me free rein for their wedding invitation design. I drew inspiration from vintage Victorian advertisements, and was able to integrate some design elements personal to the wedding couple. The ink on paper was digitized as-is to be sent to the printer, in order to […]

Wedding Invitation

Client: Baron Hats Burbank, CA Baron Hats had space on a wall they wanted to fill. I came up with several different designs, and this was the one they liked. They also wanted a section they could fill in with the movies they’re currently making hats for – at the time […]

Baron Hats

Client: personal I lettered the chalkboard menu for an outdoor dinner party. It was fun, and the food was delicious, in case you were wondering.

Dinner Party Menu

Client: Personal Someone wanted this phrase to hang on their wall. So I made it. PRINTS NOW AVAILABLE! Click this link to be taken to my Etsy shop.

(De)motivational Poster

Client: Half Baked Co. Bakery Burbank, CA Half Baked Co. had me redesign their wall menu and other price signs throughout the shop, as well as update their outdoor sidewalk sign.  

Bakery Chalk Menu

Client: Personal Project For my brother’s wedding, an old door near the entrance listed the day’s various activities and schedule.

Wedding Door

Client: Personal Project While working in The CW Network’s collaborative office environment, I was asked to fill the hallway chalkboard walls with common and useful information.

Chalk TV Lineup

Client: Circles Co. The event organizers needed their logo animated for on-stage presentation during the conference. I dissected the image of a crowd of people, and used the motif of a circle to create an infinitely-looped fly-though. (If you watch it long enough all of time becomes an illusion).

Circles Conference 2014

Client: Wonderfully Made Much like the Yellow Conference, the Anchored In Love Conference needed its logo and other still image designs animated for projection on stage during the 2014 event.

Anchored In Love Conference

Client: Waterfall Creative The Yellow Conference needed its logo and other still image designs animated for projection on stage during the 2014 event.

Yellow Conference 2014