The Heavens tore loose from their hinges; it maybe wasn’t such a silent night. Platoons of celestial guardsmen stepped out from behind invisibility cloaks and made themselves seen and heard, much too loudly to be mistaken for anything else. They were here to be noticed! To ensure that a soft, […]

A Most Impossible Thing

source: Smithsonian Institution
Arturo The Poet was so extremely poetic he did nothing. Poetry was everywhere for him, so that poetry was also in the nothings and non-things. One time the Poet had bumped his shin on his dresser and so he wrote a poem about it. Now he had a scab there, […]

The Poet of Nothing

When the Cubs won tonight, the first two players interviewed on camera both said what turned their team around was a speech given by a teammate moments before the final inning. Jason Heyward played right field, had a mediocre batting average, and was not a veteran member of the team. […]


image courtesy of NASA
Okay, so I’m all for optimism. Yes, we are all made of borrowed atoms from previously blown-up stars. But isn’t that us just framing the thing rather favorably to sound cooler than we really are? Do we deserve to cherry-pick only the sexy-sounding things that loaned us their matter? It’s […]

We Are All Made of Stars (and Moby’s Farts)